Summer Journal Journey

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Might & Drill & Bank & Stick & Angle & Wound & Entrance

A whole weeks worth of Autumn Journal word prompts … here we go …

Might …. word full of power …

Little mite facing might

Little mite facing mighty might…

More power from Drill ….

The noise of the drill cancels out all other sounds ... so it is with drill : it cancels out (temporarily) all other thoughts ...

The noise of the drill cancels out all other sounds … so it is with drill : it cancels out (temporarily) all other thoughts …

Bank … not money again! but something altogether more important and interesting …

very much with Wind of the Willows in mind :)

very much with Wind of the Willows in mind 🙂

Stick… sunday morning walks …

Never grow tired or too old for a game of pooh-sticks

Never grow tired or too old for a game of pooh-sticks

Angle = Angels X Engels, taken from a  language angle

I like this one ... the thought made me smile :)

I like this one … the thought made me smile 🙂

And a blast from the past with Wound

winding yarn with my mother ... I do remember how heavy my arms were and the smell of wool

winding yarn with my mother … I do remember how heavy my arms were and the smell of wool

Last but not least this week …. Entrance provoking interesting thoughts from Cinderella to a beautiful collection of old doors … went for this one … a well known secret …

One of my favourite English children's classics

One of my favourite English children’s classic books

This proves to be an interesting and enjoyable exercise so far … how one word can evoke a whole host of memories 🙂 plus it makes me do a drawing a day!

This rainy windy monday we start the week with Hail … now there’s a thought …. from Caesar to storms …


Shed & Flake & Interest

Love these words with multiple meanings although there always seems to be a relationship between the different uses of the word.
Like shed: you shed tears, a tree sheds its leaves, shed a heavy load or the garden shed where you shed your unwanted belongings as well as store the garden tools and furniture…

For shed I used the tears as leaves falling from the tree, the shed in Russian doll form shedding itself and me trying to shed a heavy load …




Flake …  I like Myfanwy’s idea of one thought coming into your head and then others following thick and fast …. didn’t go for the snowflake although it has so many fantastic patterns you could probably fill a whole sketchbook with it …

I love the images of flaking paint … the line studies you can do with these are as endless as the snowflake patterns. It also visualizes the flaking out that I do when immensely tired … definitely feel like my layer of civilizing paint is flaking off me then!

By the way, I seem to be using inkpen fineliners for this little journal and will stick with it I think.

The image I used for my drawing

The image I used for my drawing

Such an interesting line and texture ... there will be follow ups I think

Such an interesting line and texture … there will be follow ups I think


Next was Interest. I am afraid that money came up first. The non-existing interest on my non-existing money pile … hehehe … the situation there could be rosier than it is at the moment.

Of course you can’t just leave it at that … so:  there are interests as in hobbies, and curiosity, and learning how to do things,  as well as investing attention as it were,  in people for instance … it means that I look deeper and invest time and effort in finding out what is behind what I see on the surface …

So here goes Interest …




The one for today is Might. I have an idea already but that will need time to execute. Tonight I hope 🙂



My first book ;)

How to present the Autumn Journal prompts ….. urm ….

Opportunities present themselves so neatly sometimes.

Found pile of discarded paper at college that was spoiled by a faulty cutter and folded and cut it (with scissors that worked) and there you go: a book in the making.


Rescued paper

Title Page

Title Page

First prompt : Dates. Date Line

First prompt : Dates : Date Line

Prompt 2 : Air : Coming up for Air

Prompt 2 : Air : Coming up for Air


Autumn Journal launched

So we carry blithely on …. wonder what this month will bring.

First prompt : “Date”

First reactions: today’s date: 01-10-2014 … can play with those numbers … lot of circly O-s in there … and upright One-s … could play with them in some software program…..

… or date the fruit … I found lots of beautiful inspiring images on google …

dates fruit1

Gorgeous looking fruit … the colours! the textures … the strong yellow stem pattern 🙂

… or date as going out for a date, having a date … most unlikely in my case but still worth considering …


Lovely image … better than all the schmalzy images of candlelight dinners with people who are too smooth looking to be true 😉


Lot of food for thought. I think I may stick with the fruit as it is autumn and season of harvests to be celebrated.

One more image then … or two …


This one is great for stitching I think ….

and this one is just such gorgeous colours!

and this one is just such gorgeous colours!


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Summer into Autumn

And then it was september already and I haven’t been anywhere near the blog. I will not abandon it but be more selective about times I spend on here. It is a good thing to log all the creative activity of the last half a year or so and keep it going like a journal proper.

Now I have a choice … I can frantically try and catch up with all the SJ prompts I have not blogged or leave them where they are and carry on blithely into Autumn.

There is no choice really 😀 so I will carry blithely on.

September is being celebrated with journalling too so I will select a few of the ones I really enjoyed.


September : another of prompts to Be Creative

Fabric I made for my gran

Fabric book I was making for my grandson which got in the way of doing more of the prompts 😉


Haiku for september

Haiku for september

From the first prompt on prints with liquids ...

From the first prompt on prints with liquids …

... to several manipulations later and appreciating the exercise that may lead to a design

… to several manipulations later and appreciating the exercise that may lead to a design

... through various ways of manipulating ...

… and some more …


an excellent process to learn and use for generating design ideas

Playing with bits of fabric and following colour theory :  analogous & complimentary arranged in a pleasing composition, embellished with some buttons and made beads

Playing with bits of fabric and following colour theory : analogous & complimentary arranged in a pleasing composition, embellished with some buttons and made beads


Putting one particular colour in the spotlight

and play with it :D

and play with it 😀

There will be more to come … being creative is for life 😀  and will go on and on and on …

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Summer Journal Day Fortyseven

Time to delve into your memory again.

Prompt 47

Remember your best friend at school? You may or may not know where she/he is now, but write her a postcard


I had a ‘boy’ best friend when I first went to school at the age of 5 to about 7. We got on very well and played at each other’s houses with Lego as far as I remember…


There came a time though when the other children decided it was odd for a girl to be friends with a boy, they started chanting that we were ‘in love’ and more of that sort of nonsense. Well, it was all over then of course. Shame. Now I couldn’t care less if I am ‘normal’ or not. Then it must have bothered me.

These are the pages from the Journal…



Prompt 48

Ironing : like or loathe …


I am totally indifferent on Ironing now. Mine mostly stands on my worktable in the corner gathering dust. My son and I wear clothes that do not need ironing. And we only grab it when we are going to a wedding or some such grand occasion. And then it is for shirts, the inevitable shirts.


I may iron patchworks sometimes but mostly make do with finger-pressing.

I used to hate having to do my dad’s shirts because he made such a fuss about how the sleeves needed to be done. I never got them as perfect as he wanted them so I HATE ironing shirts because it reminds me of that time.



My mum used to iron the sheets and I love the smell of fresh off the washing line sheets being ironed. I always helped fold them up and she only did the tops, never the whole sheet.

washing line 1


Prompt 49

Write about 5 meals you would love to enjoy again


French toast made on the fire at Nana & Grandad’s, after taking dog & children for a last evening walk  … with all of us having dribbly buttery chins and crumbs all over 😀



Sunday Roast lunch after a long walk on a winter’s day …


or …

Chip butties in the middle of the night after an evening out

Travel Pictures Ltd


Family meals at my brother’s in Holland … laughing till my jaws ached …

images (1)


One of our foody/drink sessions with best friends Mandy & Adrian

food header 1


Music may be the food of love but food & family & friends is love putting one of its best feet forward 😀



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Summer Journal Day Fortysix

Start of the next batch of three …. I will catch up … I will catch up … I will …


Prompt 46

Earlier in this series we remembered making a camp. Now design a new one. This is just for you – it’s a secret place, and there you can be the person you want to be. However, the entrance is a door in a tree trunk and from there an elevator whisks you up into the branches of a tree! Write about your tree house.

This is a terrible prompt … I adore tree-houses and love to have one to live in. It is a total nightmare when you put it into google images :  there are too many absolutely fantastic ones to choose from.

I selected a few …

from the totally over the top luxury pad to ...

from the totally over the top luxury pad to …

Unless you  house a community in here of course.

... most boring lookslikeanormalhouse one ...

… most boring lookslikeanormalhouse one …

Why bother a tree with a structure like this ?

to the ultra spaced-out Sewdish mirror design

to the ultra spaced-out Swedish mirror design

I am afraid this will confuse the hell out of the resident bird population!

and then there is the ugliest one ever

and then there is the ugliest one ever

Like a lost space ship out of a fifties fillum ….

to the most fantastically integrated one ... love the way you can see all the branches

and the most fantastically integrated one … 

Love the way you can see all the branches.


and so to the one I have chosen ... when I win the lottery I'll have this one made ...

and so to the one I have chosen … when I win the lottery I’ll have this one made …

May have to install a little pully-system lift … although all those steps up keep one fit of course.

However, since I don’t play the lottery there is little chance of me winning it and having a tree house like it. So it will stay in my dreams and look like this …



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Summer Journal Day Forty-one

Here’s a chance to use your imagination – or maybe you can write a factual account……..

Prompt 41

You have just written your first novel. What is it called?


It would have to be called something like “Walking in the Storm”  or “Coming in from the Storm” … there is serious weather out there today so it will have to feature in the novel.  I would make it a graphic novel so I can spend my winter drawing pictures for it. Because I may have written it but it needs the illustrations now.

Since I am nowhere near good enough to make worthwhile illustrations for such a book (I am going to practise honest!) I have chosen this master piece to ‘illustrate’ my point.




This beautiful illustration by Nicola Bailey in the Mousehole Cat showing the cat spirit protecting the fragile boat in the stormy seas of Cornwall


The Mousehole Cat is one of the best picture books in the world as far as I am concerned. I loved reading the story about Mousehole as well as the beautiful illustrations.

Mousehole Cat

Made by A Barber and N Bailey





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Summer Journal Day Forty-two

Prompt 42 ….  What kind of receipts do you have in your purse … write about them



I do collect receipts  in my purse but they are not very interesting … loyalty cards for coffee at work which get used so rarely that I get one free cup of per year … catfood and stuff & things at corner shop and the local butcher where I buy the best food :).

So I have made these pages to reflect the importance of local and independent shops being available in the neighbourhood. I can’t always get on my bike and go to the larger supermarkets, I don’t particularly want to either. Some are totally unreachable by bike anyway. Everything geared to the car as it is. So I don’t buy lots but what I buy is very local.




Next is prompt 43 (I hope) … I did fall behind a lot so I am now doing at least three prompts per page ;).


If you are looking for a subject of a journal post a list will often be the answer. It’s also sometimes a good way to realise what has actually been accomplished!

Prompt 43

List 5 things you did yesterday! (ish)

I have picked some things from the week’s list of things done.







Salad! The epitome of summer dining!

Prompt 43

My father used to call it ‘rabbit food’ and as far as Peter Rabbit was concerned it was ‘soporiphic’. What is your opinion of Lettuce – and how do you prefer it served!

I like salad very much and my favourite is one with some kind of smoked fish added. Another favourite thing for salads is flowers! They are delicious!!!

My dad used to call it rabbit food as well, although he specifically reserved that remark in CAPITAL letters for swedes! He hated swedes with a great big hate but my mum loved them so we did have them for dinner every now and then. In those days  you didn’t have exceptions, you ate what was for dinner. My big hate was brussels sprouts! They were large and chewy and I had the greatest difficulty eating them. Covered them in gravy and potatoes so I wouldn’t notice it too much. They were cooked for at least half an hour if  not longer so lost any appetizing feature they may once have possessed …. I do eat them now if they are small and cooked for no longer then 10 !!!!!! minutes. 😀

Anyway … I thought the rabbit had to be in the picture too …





Right …. next one …

Prompt 45

Do you have a favourite ice-cream? If you could invent a flavour, what would it be?

Picture does better job of telling than I can or a thousands words :).

italian icecream

It has to be proper Italian ice cream …. pistachio & melon

Rum & Raisin is the best british ice cream as far as I am concerned

Rum & Raisin is the best British ice cream as far as I am concerned



These are the pages I made for the journal proper.




Summer Journal Day thirtynine

The word ‘crafting’ has been included in this prompt. I will be interested to see how you interpret the term.

Prompt 39

What is your favourite crafting technique?


The answer to that is probably: which ever one I am working on at the moment 😀

The very first craft I remember learning to do is french knitting. Remember those toadstool look-a-likes? Mine was wooden with a white ‘stem’ and a red top with white dots on it. If I remember correctly it took absolute ages to get an anywhere near long enough piece to do something with. I must have made egg cosies  and possibly some doll’s stuff with it. No samples survive. Probably just as well.


A couple of years back I saw them in hobbycraft and bought one again. This time a see-through plastic one. Guess what I made …. yep! some more egg cosies. From the images on google I see that the ‘dollies’ come in all shapes and sizes and that far more sophisticated things can be made. So maybe it is worth investigating a bit more.


This was made on a ‘dolly’ with quite a few pegs on it so the strips become larger … I’d like to try that … it is not so difficult to make your own ‘dolly’ either.



Think I learned crochet and knitting next. We had lessons in primary school one hour per week where we learnt to knit and sew and things like that. I made a doll’s dress (it was red) and my tension was soooo tight it could stand up all by itself and was probably more suited to keep the teapot warm. Another fascinating item we made was a crocheted wash mitt. Oh how we hated that lesson!

My mum knitted, crocheted and she sewed some of our clothes too. Her choice of yarn and colour was thankfully more inspiring or I may have dropped these crafts altogether. I learned all sorts stitches from pictures in magazines mainly and later from books too. I still love knitting and prefer to work with lots of colours. I still need to catch up with the more sophisticated techniques in crochet. An image is still lingering in my head that refers to grannies making baby bonnets in pastel colours. This needs updating. Found a marvellous site on Pinterest with things made by Sophie Digard.

Gorgeous and outstanding crochet!

Gorgeous and outstanding crochet!


Look at the subtlety of this design


Just love the colours in this

My mum did embroidery too. I remember finding a pile of never finished tablecloths in the cupboard. She was good at starting things, just like me fascinated by the look of it and the pretty colours, but not necessarily in for the finishing as a new piece had attracted her attention. I definitely have my stack of unfinished symphonies but am trying to rescue those by assembling them into one new piece. One of the pieces is a sampler I started when I was 16 or so, working with ladies of our Dutch W.I. version.




Mmmmm  … this could turn into a very very very long post if I don’t cut it down to size.

I still love knitting, and crochet needs to now live up to the standard set by the above Sophie Digard, and I still sew all sorts of things but not so much clothes now. Apart from some up-cycling I have ideas for. Thing is that  I fell for patchwork a few years back. Blame Kate Grenville and her book ‘The Idea of Perfection‘!!! In this she describes one of her characters going about designing a patchwork quilt with old found fabrics … I was fascinated and made my first one that summer. From fabrics I had in my cupboard.


Since then I made more and once I found Youtube learnt lots of the techniques and how to-s by just watching and practising. Again though it is the playing with colour that always and forever attracts me.  I now play with dyes, paints and printing a bit too … making pictures with paper and lots and lots of ways of colouring the stuff.

Fabrics and threads and yarns will be my mainstay though. I especially love sitting and knitting or crocheting, embroidering or sewing bits and pieces by hand while slowly a pretty piece of worked fabric comes into being. The machines help for the big slapdash things that may be used as a background but there is nothing like the slow pace of hand work. Which is what we call it in Dutch. Knitting, embroidery ….all of it it is gathered under the name Handwerken = Working by Hand.